Frequently Asked Questions

Box Office/Ticket Sales

When is the Box Office open?
The Box Office is open Monday-Friday noon to 6 p.m. The Box Office is also open one hour prior to each performance at the venue where the performance is occurring for Will Call & ticket sales exclusively to that performance. 

Can I return my tickets?
All sales are final. We do not offer refunds. Members of the Capitol Center for the Arts, may exchange tickets for credit towards future performances by  contacting the Box Office at least 24 hours in advance of the performance during business hours. For more information about the benefits of membership, click here. For more information about the benefits of membership, click here. 

What do I do if the show is cancelled?
In the event of a cancellation we will make every effort to notify patrons beforehand.  If you purchased your tickets with a credit card, your account will be credited. If you purchased your tickets with cash or a check, you will be mailed a refund check. Refunds cannot be processed for cash.

What if I can't make it because of the weather?
If the show goes on as scheduled we are contractually obligated to pay the performers. Therefore, we cannot offer weather-related refunds.

What can I do with my unused tickets if I am not a member?
For sold out shows the Box Office will attempt to resell unused tickets. If we are able to resell the tickets a refund for the value of the tickets will be refunded.  All fees are nonrefundable.

As a member, is there anything special for me if I can't use my tickets?
If a conflict arises, members may exchange their tickets for credit toward future events. Credits must be processed, during business hours, at least 24 hours in advance of the performance.

Why is there a processing fee?
The Capitol Center is a nonprofit organization.  Fees to help defer the costs that are not covered by ticket prices. This fee allows the CCA to cover the infrastructure costs for processing web orders, as well as the costs of staffing and upkeep of the ticketing & phone system. 

Does my infant need a ticket if she is going to sit in my lap during a performance?
For family and children’s performances Children under 1 year are admitted free without a ticket but must sit on an adult’s lap.  For all other performances tickets are required for all ages including babes in arms.

When I received my tickets they were seats 14, 16, and 18. Are my seats together?
Yes. All seats on the right side of the theatre are even numbered and seats on the left side of the theatre are odd numbered. Seats in the center are numbered consecutively. This numbering system helps our ushers direct you to your seats quickly and efficiently.

Can I buy tickets for another performance while I'm at the theatre to see a show?
Unfortunately, the Box Office is staffed for performances so that it may efficiently serve patrons attending the show and cannot sell tickets to other shows.

How do I get tickets to free shows?
Tickets for free performances, like all of our performances, are generally available online, by phone and in person at the Box Office.  Tickets for these performances are available approximately 1 month prior to the performance date.


Capitol Center for the Arts

 performer at CCAcrowd at Chubb Theatre

General Convenience

Parking for the Chubb Theater
The city has many parking options with some being more visible than others. Main Street, while ideal, is usually the toughest place to find a spot. Here are a few additional that will allow you to find a great spot and enjoy the show!
There is a municipal parking garage located across from the BNH Stage with access from Storrs Street. The fees are minimal and there is usually space available. This municipal garage is also handicap accessible.

Metered parking is also available on Storrs Street as well.

We also recommend South State Street for on street metered parking as an additional option.

Parking for the BNH Stage
There is a municipal parking garage located across from the BNH Stage with access from Storrs Street. The fees are minimal and there is usually space available. This municipal garage is also handicap accessible. Metered Parking is also available on Storrs Street and South State Street as well.

Where is the handicapped parking?
The City of Concord has designated four spaces directly in front of the  Chubb Theatre for handicapped parking.  These spaces generally do fill up fast.

We also have additional handicapped parking for performances after 5pm in the Smile building parking garage. Please proceed down Theater street and into this garage. The CCA has an agreement in place with the owner of the building to allow us to use this reserved garage for our patrons with mobility issues. (after 5pm)

The CCA has staff and ushers who can help transport folks from the curb into the theatre.  Please contact the Box Office in advance of the performance if you might need assistance.

Where is the closest ATM?
There is an ATM on the street just outside of the BNH Stage.

Where are the closest restaurants?
There are many fine restaurants within walking distance of the Capitol Center. Many support the Capitol Center through our Corporate Partnership program, and we encourage you to patronize those establishments. A list of Hospitality Partners can be found here and in the Digital Playbill. 

Who is responsible for deciding which shows will be booked?
Most of the shows presented at the Capitol Center are booked by the CCA's in-house programming team. However, some shows are presented by outside promoters who rent the theatre to present their show. Rental shows are subject to approval by the programming team, but ultimately the rental promoters are responsible for setting the ticket prices, advertising, and the quality and content of the production.
Why don't you bring in (insert your favorite artists here)?
There are many factors that go into deciding what artists to book — artist fees and availability, the size of the show (will it fit on our small stage?), how many people will attend and how much will they pay. Oftentimes, artists either don't have a big enough following in our area, or are so popular that we can't afford them.
I have an idea for an artist I think will do well at the Capitol Center. Are you interested?
Absolutely! Suggestions are welcome - simply fill out the suggestion form at It will go straight to the programming team’s inbox. Please note that you may not receive a response, but rest assured that all of the suggestions are explored.
I notice occasional political events at the Capitol Center. Why do you do that?
As part of its mission to be a resource to the entire community, the Capitol Center is available for rent by community and political organizations with the understanding that the Capitol Center is not the presenter of the event, nor is it associated with the presenting organization in any way.  While rentals are subject to approval by the CCA Board of Trustees, the Center does not discriminate on the basis of political affiliation. We encourage any organizations interested in renting our venues to contact our events manager at (603) 225-1111, ext. 114, or click here.


Your Experience at the Show

What time does the lobby open? What time is seating?
The lobby opens 1 hour before performances, and seating generally begins 30 minutes before the performance time listed on your ticket.

Why is the sound so loud? And its flip-side, why can't I hear?
The Capitol Center has a state-of-the-art sound system that is calibrated to provide appropriate sound levels to all areas of the theatre. Artists and their staff have specific requirements about how their shows should sound. The Capitol Center staff works closely with the artists to ensure that the levels are appropriate. However, from time to time, some audience members may find the levels either too loud or too soft for their personal taste. The Capitol Center has personal earplugs available for the audience; please contact an usher if you would like a pair. The Capitol Center has a listening enhancement system provided to patrons at no charge. You may pick up a headset at the box office, or ask any usher for assistance.

Can I bring food or drinks into the theatre?
Food and beverages from our concessions stand and bars are allowed. At our Chubb Theatre location, we request that pizza be consumed in the Governor’s Hall Lobby only. 

Why is it so hot? Why is it so cold?
Regulating the temperature of a large building filled with as many as 1,300 people is a tricky matter, as all those bodies raise the air temperature by several degrees. If you find it cool when you enter the building, you can expect the temperature will rise quickly as the theatre fills. Please let an usher know if you believe the theatre is too warm or too cool.

Are cameras/recording devices allowed at the performance?
Non-professional, non-flash cell phone photography is permitted unless posted otherwise. We ask that you do not take photos with iPads or other tablets as the size of the device obstructs the view of patrons behind you. Video recording is not permitted. 

Do you provide a wheelchair for patrons?
We do have wheelchairs. Please ask an usher for assistance. 

Does the CCA or BNHS have an Elevator?
The Chubb Theatre does have an elevator to the Orchestra Level from the Lobby Entrance Level.  Our Balcony Level is not accessible by the elevator, only accessible by stairs.  
All levels at the BNH Stage are accessible by elevator.

Who do I see if I have a problem during the performance?
Direct your question first to an usher. If he or she can't help, you will be directed to the House Manager.

What should I do if I'm being disturbed by the behavior of nearby patrons?
Don't hesitate to notify an usher, who has been trained to deal with most issues. They are there to assist you.

I'm sitting behind a large wheelchair and can't see. Can I switch seats?
We recognize that some motorized wheelchairs block the view of patrons sitting in the next row. Please see an usher.

Can I meet the artists? Get autographs?
Occasionally artists will agree to meet with fans after the show, and will usually do so in the lobby or The Governor's Hall. Audience members are not allowed backstage.

Do I have to wait in the lobby or the back of the theatre if I'm late for a show or event?
Each show has its own policy for late seating to ensure the best possible performance for all patrons and we are contractually obligated to oblige with these policies. The House Manager, ushers, and CCA staff are following the artists' instructions. We appreciate your understanding.

Where do I put my coat?
The Capitol Center does not have a coat check and is unable to assume responsibility for any items left unattended. We ask that you not drape coats over the balcony walls. At the BNH Stage, there is a coat rack area, however this area is unattended and the Capitol Center does not assume responsibility for any items left unattended.

Where is the lost and found?
The lost and found is located in the Box Office. You may ask an usher to look for a lost item or call the Box Office the next business day.



membership chart

Members are the heart of the Capitol Center for the Arts / BNH Stage.  We are grateful for their generosity, patronage, and for their belief in the importance of performing arts in our community.   
All of our members receive the opportunity to choose the best seats in the house with reserved, member only seating along with the peace of mind of having ticket insurance for shows you can’t make.  
Please review our chart of member benefits for details on member benefits at each level: 

Why is there a range of membership levels? 
Capitol Center for the Arts / BNH Stage membership levels begin at the Fan Club level for $50 per year and increases incrementally up to the Producer level for donations of up to $5,000.  Giving ranges within each level allow donors to set their own donation amount and enjoy a wide range of benefits.  
What is a Sustaining Member? 
Support the Capitol Center for the Arts / BNH Stage with an affordable, easy monthly payment.  Each month, your credit or debit card will be charged the amount you specify, which will continue automatically unless you choose to cancel or change it.  
Why do members get better seats? 
Capitol Center for the Arts / BNH Stage members have taken that extra step of investing in the CCA/BNHS above and beyond the price of tickets because they value the role the CCA/BNHS plays in the community.  Their support has been tremendously important to keeping the CCA/BNHS on firm financial footing and we are happy to thank them by providing them access to the best seats in the house.   If you are not currently a CCA/BNHS member we invite you to join us and gain access to this terrific member benefit!  
How do I become a Capitol Center for the Arts / BNH Stage member? 
Just click in the link below to become a member (or to renew).  You can also visit or call the box office. Membership questions?  Please contact Katie Duncan at 603-225-1111, ext.110 or 



What is the Ovation Society? 
The Ovation Society consists of more than 100 committed individual donors who support the ongoing work of the Capitol Center for the Arts / BNH Stage through multi-year leadership giving. This generous annual base of support provides consistent, significant and sustainable funding for our work.  Ovation Society membership is open to anyone who pledges a minimum of $5000 over a five-year period.   Ovation members enjoy flexible payment options, and a wide range of benefits including an advanced pre-sale window, select complimentary tickets for both CCA/BNHS presentations, invitations to special events, concession stand coupons, and personalized ticketing assistance through the CCA/BNHS Development Department.  For more information on Ovation Society membership please contact Katie Collins, Director of Development at or 603-225-1111x106 
Why do you ask for money beyond ticket costs? 
While ticket sales comprise a significant percentage of our revenue, they are not enough to fully fund the Capitol Center for the Arts / BNH Stage’s operational needs. Ticket revenue is traditionally unpredictable, and has been even more so in these uncertain times.    Contributed revenue from individuals, corporate sponsors, and state, regional and private foundations is critical to filling the gap between ticket sales and operational expenses. Additionally, these generous and thoughtful donations allow us to expand our community outreach, invest in new infrastructure and technology and take a chance on exciting new programs for our audiences.  
What is involved in Corporate Partnership? How does my business become a Corporate Partner? 
The Capitol Center for the Arts / BNH Stage is fortunate to have the support of NH’s business community each season.  Wit partnership levels to fit every size business from small local shops to large statewide, regional or national corporations, it’s easy to become a corporate partner of the CCA/BNHS. Corporate partners can choose from a wide array of options from individual shows, series, or even non-show items such as our print-at-home tickets. Our partners receive benefits including complimentary tickets, complimentary memberships, advertising in CCA/BNHS publications, and complimentary use of CCA/BNHS rental spaces. For more information, please contact Rae Easter, Development Manager, or 603-225-1111x109. 
Why does the Capitol Center for the Arts / BNH Stage conduct periodic capital campaigns? 
The CCA/BNHS is guided by a Board of Trustees responsible for the strategic vision and planning of the organization.  Over the years, the CCA/BNHS has conducted three capital campaigns to bring this vision to life through improvements to our facilities, our technology and, most importantly, the patron experience. Capital campaigns have funded critical renovations as well as the addition of our second venue, the BNH Stage.  For more information on supporting capital improvements at the CCA/BNHS, please contact Katie Collins, Director of Development at or 603-225-1111x106
How do I login to my membership benefits? 
Your username will be the most recent email address that you provided. 
If you do not remember your password, just enter your email address and click “forgot password”.  A new password will be emailed to you, just copy and paste the temporary password.  Be sure to check the spam/junk folders if you don't see it in your inbox. 
New Members: To receive access to member seating and pre-sale member events, please purchase your membership first. Then check your email for your login information.  Once you login, you will have access to your member benefits.  
Only current members of the CCA/BNHS have access to the member portal.  If you are having problems logging into your member account, please contact the Box Office at 603-225-1111, ext.111 or Katie Duncan at 603-225-1111, ext.110 or
Membership Benefit: Complimentary Tickets 
To access your complimentary tickets that come with some membership levels, you should be able to reserve these tickets yourself when placing a ticket order for a show through your membership portal once you have completed the login process.  If you not able to access the complimentary tickets, please contact the Box Office at 603-225-1111, ext.111. 
About the Facility
What are the funny painted squares on the wall?
Those are pieces of the original stenciling from 1927, when the theatre was built. We left them exposed to give patrons a sense of what the theatre looked like before it was renovated in 1995. There are plaques near each exposed section of stenciling explaining their origins.

What is the history of this building?
The Capitol Theatre, as it was then known, opened January 30, 1927 as a vaudeville and movie house. The theatre was purchased by the non-profit Capitol Center for the Arts in the early 1990s and renovated in 1995 and again in 2003.  

Why do you spell Capitol with an "o" instead of an "a?"
The truth is, we don’t know.  The Chubb theatre at the Capitol Center for the Arts was originally the Capitol Theatre with an “o” which is usually used to refer to the buildings where government functions are carried out. Whether it was a reference to the State government or simply an error, the CCA Board decided to keep the spelling that everyone was familiar with at the time.

What other kinds of activities take place at the Capitol Center?
The Center hosts weddings, business conferences, benefits, holiday parties, reunions, trade shows and other private events. For rental information, call (603) 225-1111, ext. 115.

What is The Kimball House? Is it part of the Kimball Jenkins Estate?
The Kimball House is a stately 19th-century Victorian mansion that is eligible for the National Register of Historic places. It serves as administrative office space for the Capitol Center and has played host to intimate dinner parties, business retreats and meetings. For rental information, call (603) 225-1111, ext. 114. It is not part of the Kimball Jenkins Estate. 

Do you do tours? Can I see the theatre?
Yes. You can arrange a tour by calling (603) 225-1111, ext. 115.