Gile Series: NH 39th Army Band Veterans Day Concert

VenueChubb Theatre at CCA   44 S. Main St, Concord, NH 03301

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Join us for an unforgettable and inspiring performance by New Hampshire's own 39th Army Band. The 90-minute audio visual experience will also feature some of the best civilian musicians in the State, as we thank veterans from all of the service branches. The performance will include a wide variety of music genres including: rock, country, pop, jazz, and of course, patriotic classics.

We invite veterans of all ages, their families, and the general public to this memorable event. Tickets for this event are free and expected to go fast, so get your tickets today!


The William H. Gile Trust was created by Helen B. Gile in 1952. She left a legacy of more than $700,000 to finance a free concert series in Concord, New Hampshire in memory of her father, William H. Gile. Helen Gile stipulated that the trust funds were to be managed by what is now Citizens Bank, and that the selection of shows "of the highest type in all respects" was to be made by a committee of three local citizens. After much planning, the first William H. Gile Concert Series was held during the 1960-61 show season, and, over 60 years later, we are happy to now call the Capitol Center for the Arts our home.